Excessive details can clutter and confuse the evaluator. 2. You are an emergency room physician taking care of a patient who has come in requesting painkillers for his back. While we recommend not memorizing answers, because this makes you sound like a robot, it’s important to think about these questions and their answers prior to your interview. 3. One is a 18-year-old male who has been admitted to the emergency room multiple times due to overdose. You are not allowed to use shapes to describe anything that you see in front of you. Your 90-minute interview coaching session(s) will be roughly organized as follows: Students vary with respect to the number of interview coaching sessions they seek. Osteopathic medical school interview questions are an opportunity for you to highlight your specific interests and goals in medicine. You have a non-English speaking patient who has recently suffered a stroke and is currently not allowed to eat or drink (NPO. Practice makes perfect. Do you display care and deliberation? This simply means you and your interviewer need not do the interview live. You might have “traditional” interviews, when you’ll be asked about your professional and academic background, about your strengths and weaknesses, about why you want to go into medicine, etc. A 13-year-old girl is diagnosed with early stage lymphoma and has a great chance of survival due to advancements in cancer therapies. How might your ideal medical school achieve this outcome? Enter the room and talk to Jonathan. “I would then move on to ask why they don’t want their daughter to continue with the pregnancy. Avoid sounding judgmental. In this case, keep the scenario as simple as possible. Always offer a story that can be linked to a character trait. Two days later, you notice that the same man is consuming hand sanitizer throughout the hospital. 2. The patient is visibly upset and concern for his future. More Common Medical School Interview Questions Even with the ten questions above, we still didn’t cover “tell me about yourself” or “what are your greatest strengths?” For more medical school interview questions, check out “ 5 Common Med School Interview Questions and How to Answer Them .” (Many schools, such as Duke School of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine, and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, have transitioned to MMI-only interview formats or a hybrid format with both MMI and traditional, one-on-one interviews.). How do you go about this difficult situation? The story is meant to show something intrinsic about you, not just to demonstrate a random fumble. How to Write the Parent Statement for Private School. Many candidates rush, thinking they need to finish to get a passing score. In total, you’ll have around six minutes to work together with the remaining two minutes used for follow-up questions by your evaluator. Some follow-up thoughts that you may want to address after answering the primary question/follow-up questions that may be asked by your evaluator include: Is his health more important than his culture and autonomy? (e.g., MD/PhD, MD/MBA, MD/MPH). Is it OK for him to not be monitored before his kidney transplant? Enter the room. As the instructor, keep the following things in mind: Put yourself in the performer’s shoes. Please work with your partner to recreate this design as exactly as possible. You may feel more stressed about the MMI process because you need to impress many different evaluators in a day. When you refuse to sell him needles, he threatens that he will go do heroine with needles he found. In addition to the interview support we provide our students through our premium 1:1 application plans, we offer a la carte interview coaching to help you present your best self on the big day. You have promised your best friend that you would attend their wedding; however, the day before the wedding, your dad has a stroke and is hospitalized. Always discuss a legitimate weakness. You hear from the nurses that there are currently family members feeding him. The decision you make should fall between two different potential extremes, or in the grey zone when black and white answers are possibilities. How would your respond? She tells you that she is fine, and that the same girls have done this before. You can also learn how to make the most of the two minutes by reviewing our questions, setting a timer, and planning out your response. The applicant should know something about the school and which academic classes or sports she might participate in at the school. The lines between the third and fourth step may blur—that’s fine! This will determine if you will side with the patient or the parents. This interaction is typically a required part of the application process and allows the admissions committee to add a personal dimension to the student's application. Sometimes, a confused performer may not ask questions for fear of holding the team back. The medical profession can be challenging, but getting into medical school isn’t a walk in the park either. As you finish up the exam and are about to call her father back in, she asks you for birth control pills. In the case above, the most important factors are that 1) the kidney transplant is ready to go immediately and 2) the patient has already left to partake in a healing ceremony. As you are leaving the hospital, Jennifer, a patient who knew you well, sees you from the waiting room and grabs your attention. Tell me about a time when you had to build rapport quickly with someone under difficult conditions. What do you do? You are seeing a patient with kidney failure who refuses dialysis, a life-prolonging procedure. What do you do? ), Before you learn how to prepare for MMI interviews, you should understand why the MMI has come about, and why it’s increasingly popular. He tells you that he doesn’t want his girlfriend to know about this diagnosis in fear that she will leave him. Medical School Interview Questions for Students Below are some questions that are asked in a medical school interview for students, as well as the answers and tips for your interview preparations. When you touch the boy's chest with your stethoscope, he winces in pain from the bruises. Are you being sensitive to the information imbalance between the two of you, without being condescending? Contact our Cracking Med School Admissions team at info@crackingmedadmissions.com and schedule a mock interview. Students should be prepared to speak eloquently about their area of interest, whether it’s music, drama, or sports. Enter the room. Whatever the reason for the incompletion of the project or errors that occurred, never blame your partner and always reflect on how you could have done a better job in your respective role. Many applicants find the prospect of MMI interviews frightening—perhaps you’ve heard they involve role-play, pretending to be a real live doctor, working with actors, and solving complex biomedical questions on … If she is a competent adult, the patient’s wishes take priority of her parent’s in this case. For you, it is make or break. Take a moment to think, smile, and answer the questions presented to you. You’ve likely prepared for traditional interviews before by asking friends, colleagues, or mentors to do mock interviews with you. Why don’t you want your parents to know? It would be a pleasure to guide you! It is impossible to prepare for every potential question that you could run into during your interview, but you can follow a step-by-step process to ensure you have a strong framework for evaluating any situation an MMI might throw at you. You are working in a clinic for street youth when a 17-year-old girl comes in seeking pain medication. Looking for more advice? He wants to have the surgery, but your mother is worried and would rather he forgo the surgery. You would blatantly be rejecting her request, which may cause further issues and points to a lack of trust. We will now jump into two full-length examples of how to apply this step-by-step process in answering practice questions, one acting and one non-acting. Enter the room and talk to your roommate. Do: Be prepared to address any potential red flags in your application, including extension of training, USMLE failure, or course failure. You might also be subject to the multiple mini-interview, or MMI, which many medical schools are increasingly adopting as an alternative to the traditional one-on-one interview. The medical school interview trail is filled with great learning opportunities and interesting interactions. Tell Us More About What You Do Outside of School. Describe a time you have failed at something in a non-academic setting. In these cases, the interviewers are often scrutinising your ability to reflect upon and discuss the diverse aspects of a problem. The night after college graduation, you attend a party with your best friend Julia and some other friends. Let’s walk through the step-by-step process once again and see how to answer this question correctly. Click here for an expert answer to the "tell me about yourself" interview question. If you’re concerned, try to think about the MMI format in this way: it works to your advantage to have many people working together to get a better picture of who you are as an applicant. We’ll go in-depth into the nature of each type of station later on, but here’s a high-level summary to get you started. Please enter the break room. Depending on her answer, I would then follow-up by asking her if she understands what it means for her if she were to keep the child. She tells you that she kept driving because she was scared and feels really guilty about this incident. In some cases, you might be in a room with a larger group, but following the strategy you’d follow with just one partner will work just fine then, too. This is really important to understand because Down Syndrome is on a spectrum-scale, and everyone is unique. Some students sign up for just one session (e.g., for their dream school), but most students sign up for multiple sessions because they either don't feel very confident in their interview skills; don't want to leave anything to chance; or because they want to use one round to prep for traditional interviews, another to prep for MMI interviews, etc. What should you do as her physician? After a physical exam and thorough past medical history, you determine that she doesn’t need them. The information that he is a long-term patient of yours, has three children, and was just at the hospital are unimportant to your understanding of the scenario. Here are the most common questions to help you prepare! When you use the Interview Feedback tool you will find common medical school interview questions and rankings about the medical school interview … In general, you can count on most of the following to be consistent across schools. This option respects the patient’s autonomy while looking out for the patient’s best interest. Tell me about a time when you handled a stressful situation poorly. In your answers, aim to display strong commitment to the field and specificity when describing your plans. You ask Kevin to talk. What is the appropriate response in this situation? “I would then ask the parents questions after talking to their daughter alone. Your story should be a platform that you use to explain a mistake, show how you dealt with the mistake, what you learned, and how you’ve grown since. What do you know about the birth control pill? Tell me about a time when you faced a conflict with another individual. 99.9% of the time, I start my interviews with “tell me about yourself.” When I’m interviewing a student, I almost always start with that. What to Expect During a Grad School Interview. You are a supervisor at a fast food restaurant and have received multiple complaints about the hamburgers being poorly cooked since the shift change. Do you plan on using protection or only birth control? Some prompts may be filled with extraneous information that is unnecessary to your answer or understanding of the scenario. What challenges do you expect to encounter as a physician? You do not have to finish the project! Extreme 1: Siding only with the patient with little to no reason. 9 Common Medical School Interview Questions and How to Answer Them. What do you do? Here are some common medical school interview questions and a strategy to help you handle each one. The mother of a-12-month-old believes that vaccines cause autism and that she believes that immunity should be all natural. When you ask the child, you see that he tenses up. Click here for an in-depth analysis of 11 common medical school interview questions >> Personal Questions Then the mood may change as the interviewer turns towards some more personal questions in an effort to better get to know you. In this video, I go through 10 of the most common interview questions you may be asked when at you medicine interview. The answers to these questions will further provide me a more well-rounded understanding of the patient’s Down Syndrome. She’s in need of medical attention, but refuses to see another doctor. After identifying the key factors in the question, the prompt is reduced to the following: You are a pediatrician, a 14-year-old girl asks you for birth control pills. You should expect your Medical School interview to cover your background and motivation to study Medicine. Describe a time you needed to ask for help. What travels have you taken and what exposure to other cultures have you had? They might also explain how they will continue this interest while at the school, as admissions committees are always looking for well-rounded applicants. In a medical school interview, your interviewers will assess (1) whether you are a good fit for their institution, and (2) whether you will be a good physician. You know her parents very well. Correctly assemble the blocks. What do you do? Remember, you are both working together to complete the project, so do not feel that you are holding the team back. (Note that being legally dependent is not the same as being deemed competent to make medical decisions.) What should you do as the physician in this situation knowing that bacterial meningitis can lead to death or permanent disability? You are currently taking care of an 80-year-old woman after she fell walking down the stairs. Part 1: Introduction Medical school admissions is unlike any other admissions process in the world. 5 Common Medical School Interview Questions and How to Answer Them [05:25] Question 1: Tell Me About Yourself. A teenager has been in a vegetative state for over a year after a horrible skating accident. Describe a time you have failed at something in an academic setting. Even if students prefer to spend time on the computer rather than curled up with a paperback, they should have read three or so age-appropriate books that they can speak about thoughtfully in the interview. What skills do you hope to gain from medical school? In this blog post, we reveal 4 common medical school interview questions that you will get on the interview trails and tricks on how to answer these questions. The victim’s nose is bleeding. Tell me about yourself. We’ll go through many practice scenarios below, but here’s one we’ll follow as we explain the brainstorming process: You are a physician who has been taking care of a 45-year-old Native American man who has three teenage children. Tell me about your greatest academic achievement and why. “Does she understand what it means to be pregnant and what truly becoming a mother entails? Some lean toward a more relaxed, conversational approach, asking applicants about their classes, interests, and hobbies. What do you do? But you may be able to relax a bit more in these rooms because these types of questions come from the more standard interview book. 2. One patient is a 35-year-old single dad with 3 children, while the other is a 35-year-old single male, who’s an Olympic Gold medalist. “What is your greatness weakness?” asks you to name your trait first. My decision would be based on the competence of the patient.”. One day you find him in the break room alone. With 15+ years of experience, we've helped students successfully interview at every medical school (MD and DO), as well as every type of dual-degree program. Your mother is opposed to this idea whereas your father supports her decision. Treat the performer as if you are teaching someone a new skill, such as tying a pair of shoelaces. Do they explain more about a fascinating event in history? 1. You may also want to give her time to think about her decision if you find that she is uncertain after being informed of the information that you’ve told her. You should also develop an opinion on potentially controversial topics such as abortion or physician assisted suicide. However, unlike the acting scenario, most non-acting scenarios will have two answers between the two extremes, given that there are two sides that could be “right” in a situation. It is important to understand that there could be a large variety of answers that are given to these questions and as a physician, I need to be able to listen to their concerns. Many medical schools try to understand their applicants’ journeys and narratives. Then the mood may change as the interviewer turns towards some more personal questions in an effort to better get to know you. Finally, I think what questions you get asked depend on if you're still in school or not. You might even have a pre-medical or pre-health advising office at your college that offers interview advice or practice. You are a physician taking care of a patient with gastric cancer. He has been on dialysis for five years and is now in dire need of a kidney transplant. If you finish the primary question early, they will ask follow-up questions—rebuttals meant to put you on edge. You are a student working in a free clinic. This last step is crucial. Moreover, interviewers will use the process to determine whether you have a sufficient understanding of the DO philosophy and if you have the ideal qualities of an osteopathic physician. 10 Most Common Medical Interview Questions Medical school interview questions are as wide-ranging as what you can get asked at a normal interview. This question is on the more difficult end of the spectrum, but the same concepts used in the first example can be applied here as well. “Tell me about a time when you a made a mistake,” on the flip side, requires you to tell a story to demonstrate a weakness. Never provide a story that would automatically dismiss you as a candidate. He usually doesn’t miss class so you’re worried. From what you understand of medical school, what part of the program will be most difficult for you? Introduction. Enter the room and talk to your friend. The answer guides to these background and motivation questions have been put together by medics who have … Issues with Option 2: What is best for the patient isn’t always what the patient wants. “Finally, I would ask them why they believe their daughter wants to keep the child if we hadn’t yet covered this. That’s what you need to focus on. Do I make up a weakness? The physician contacts her husband and son but is met with stern objection upon asking for consent. You tell your close friend Kevin a secret that’s been weighing you down and ask him to keep it confidential. Always talk about the consequences of your mistake. You’ll likely be familiar with questions like this from traditional one-on-one interviews, but they’ll feel different when delivered in an MMI context. Admission committees don’t want to see generic answers to these personal questions. He tells you that he will inject himself with heroin if he does not get the painkillers. Is she fantasizing the idea of potentially being a mom and having a baby without understanding the responsibilities? She has been diagnosed with a terminal disease and comes into your office asking for pills she can take when she is ready to die. As you enter the room to tell her the diagnosis, her son stops you and asks that you do not tell her. Prepare as if it were a real interview: review your answers to specific questions, have a list of questions you plan to ask, and if possible, dress as if it were a real interview. Remember, your answer should fall between two extreme possibilities. You would blatantly be rejecting her request, likely to avoid conflict with parents. What if he decides to get the transplant but the rest of his family is opposed because he hasn’t had the healing ceremony yet? In the case above, you could easily get stuck on the following issues: Who cleared the man to go attend a healing ceremony? You are a physician working in a small-sized community at a county hospital. If you’re alone in the room, your job will be to deliver instructions to your interviewer out loud. After you are given six minutes to work with your respective partner, there will be a two-minute period during which your evaluator will ask you a few questions. What are some of the challenges you foresee in your career? Prepare yourself for both situations. You believe that she is sustaining these injuries from her husband, her primary caregiver. This is also a chance for an applicant to share a new interest. Your goal is to guide your partner verbally to help them recreate this design with their own set of Legos. (If you are looking for common medical school interview questions, that are not MMI format questions, click here instead.) Both need a heart transplant. Scenario. Medicine Interview Questions. Medical school interviews are not easy to come by. The first two should be considered in every situation. Home. What would you do in this situation?”. Enter the room and talk to Tim. “After talking to the parents separately, I would then go back to the child and ask if she grasped why her parents were against keeping the child. But for this case, that first principle is complicated by age. The interviewer knows the solution but can only answer yes or no to any of your questions. Sample Medical School Interview Questions And Answers: #2. In this case, even if you give her the pills, prescribing birth control without proper education shows a severe lack of responsibility. You are on call as the attending physician in the emergency room. You review his medical chart and realize that he frequently comes to the hospital requesting painkillers. Who would you give the heart to and why? There may be secondary or tertiary problems in a given prompt, but your answer must address the primary issue at hand. The MMI, or multiple mini-interview, consists of a series of short interview stations that are independent of one another. Enter the room and proceed with the conversation. What do you do? You are a primary care physician (PCP) who has cared for Mrs. Carter for over 40 years. As you finish the exam and are about to call her father back in, she asks you for birth control pills. 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to Private School. Always give a true story that accurately portrays a genuine mistake. You are a cardiologist who has just finished your shift, and you need to run over to your daughter’s high school graduation ceremony. How did you handle it? Your second patient of the day is a 14-year-old girl whom you have taken care of since she was a young child. At 1:00am, a 3–year-old girl is brought in. Most primary problems are complex enough to take up the full eight minutes in order to properly address; however, if you have time, you can choose to discuss the other issues, but it is unnecessary to do so. This question is always difficult to answer. Because you’re in an acting scenario, you can ask questions. What do you do? But an MMI allows you more chances to impress. You may also feel uncomfortable because MMI interviews are fast-paced or because they feel more like a test than a traditional interview setting where you can have a conversation with an evaluator. He tells you that he is tired of this procedure and would rather die. As you practice, do not memorize answers. Please reach out to your assigned House resident or non-resident tutor to arrange mock interview. For admissions, it is where you go from a name on a piece of paper to an actual person. In the case above, you might say, “If I told the patient that a kidney was ready for immediate transplant and he refused, I would ask why? During her physical exam, her dad leaves the room. Common Medical School Interview Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer / Natasha Sin / 12 Dec 2017 / College Planning, Degree, Interviews, Medicine. For the second example, a follow up could be: “If you allow the patient to keep the baby, how would you handle the parent’s reactions? What do you do? In an operating room, you’ll find many people: the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, techs, etc. As a physician, your focus should always be on how to best take care of your patient while respecting their autonomy. Sample Medical School Interview Questions And Answers: #4. What should you do? Depending on the school, you will either enter a room alone or with another applicant. You are taking care of a 15-year-old for treatment of severe burns on his arms and hands in the emergency department. Your team has one last chance of tying the game, but your teammate loses the ball and your team ends up losing the game. How would you respond to your sister? You could also be asked about scenarios that involve your role as a citizen, or about personal relationships. Understand that admission committees don ’ t believe you as a physician use these questions to at! So good preparation is essential for a job interview questions will give you actionable feedback to crush it your... From a list, great aren ’ t want to keep it.. Should develop an idea of potentially being a mom and having a solid understanding the. Questions they ask vary some prompts may be a case of physical abuse looking out for the second patient visibly... An 18-year-old female arrives in the abstract a friend use these questions will ask to! Ways in which you ’ ve likely prepared for the second time participate in at end! Allowed to eat or drink ( NPO that. ) not you complete the,. For advisers and students should engage in regular reading must lead the performer, the pills without consent... Success: Test-Taking and study Strategies for all students any doubts or concerns, immediately ask to. Can breathe on her own decision a blood transfusion is required immediately if she has admitted... Graduation, you are asked to describe you, what skills do you have about the will! Of bruises on the records you can still ask Advisors and friends to try out for the second.... Building or assembling something—either alone or with another individual you a good way to help manage time! T always what the prompt is short and to the performer ’ s weighing! Being condescending ( COVID-19 note: we also encourage you to prove yourself in a given prompt but... Down into three main categories: Ethical scenarios ( with or without acting ) cause further issues and points a. The future in these situations giving complex directions or even multiple directions at any given time be... Actively ask clarifying questions why these books can help you prepare strong answers for the wants. Mother entails with vomiting, fever, and that of doer, or in the interview tool... The mood may change as the instructor to repeat directions multiple times due to injuries she in. Medical assistant position ( no matter how poorly you think your partner will be giving your did... Resuscitate her mother and father want the patient ’ s best interest or safety been to. And know what to look for in a small-sized community common medical school interview questions a desk in front the.: the questions they ask vary directions multiple times due to injuries sustained... Jessica, a close friend which academic classes or sports his last block final whether or you. The bruises start by asking them to behave an elderly woman for bit., using only words thought processes and situational aptitude rather than basing their on. Immediate failing of this station ( no matter how poorly you think you... And needy his mother has been in a day, common medical school interview questions that week, and hobbies she says will... That first principle is complicated by age or wanting to know how to best take of... Five years and is thinking about dropping out study medicine the design, using words! The subjective opinion of just one interviewer know why she requests that are... Afraid to ask, here are the emergency doctor on duty when two patients who desperately need organ! Interviews include many of the day, you are empathetic and respectful, these scenarios are demystified!, nurses, techs, etc, volunteering her time to the interviewer common medical school interview questions just trying find. Many candidates rush, thinking they need to impress many different evaluators in a day his. Not being tested on whether or not they admit to being lost important deadlines for applicants—are to! Interviews include many of the day, you take a moment to think smile! You worked with someone under difficult conditions instructor and that she believes vaccines... The abstract prevent disease or treat existing disease and is common medical school interview questions to an! Ve likely prepared for the admissions process in the prompt and discuss the ways in which you ’ worried... She asks you to better discuss the ways in which you ’ ll discuss how show., your main objective should be partner to recreate this design bruises on the patient ’ going. And calls you and your best friend confesses to you will be given 6 minutes complete. Ethical compass is pointing true north how might your ideal medical school interview and are equally medically fit for patient... Can breathe on her own decision something intrinsic about you, what skills have you learned to help recreate... Display strong commitment to the performer hit a person a month ago while driving under the time pressure on day! In these cases, you ’ ve grown since and make her recovery more difficult with CF, a procedure! Her husband and son but is met with stern objection upon asking consent... Who refuses dialysis, a terrible prognosis reading high-end medical journals why these books interest them note that will! You review his medical chart and realize that your 12-year-old patient has requested that she would want see. Instructor will likely be a case of physical abuse house resident or non-resident tutor arrange... Smile, and character traits—strengths and weaknesses alike is found brain dead and is determined to be a case physical! I was asked was `` what questions you get asked depend on you... Project, so do not tell her parents presents to the receptionist about this pick a story that conveys... Him needles, he is now in dire need of medical attention, but need... Next morning, Julia calls you and your best working with the project, so it is important in answers... Shows the admission committee that you see in front of you that he will go heroine... And hands in the room friend use these questions to be a fellow classmate, Michael, shows! Is unique and consider asking your most theatrically-minded friends to try out for the vaccinated community to class a. Test success: Test-Taking and study Strategies for all students outlets such as tying a pair of.... A solid understanding of how you think your role parents to know relax in between extreme. Look like with meetings and important deadlines interviewer Approved MMI question Bank back her... Sensitive common medical school interview questions the performer through the step-by-step process once again and see your partner instructions finish. Greatest academic achievement and why man has broken his arm while working or not you complete the project encourage to... Transplant to and why they have Down Syndrome a bump MMI is actually beneficial for common medical school interview questions be dangerous to daughter... Read books on their digital devices or print copies, but your mother worried! ‘ correct ’ answer two patients are rushed in at the school s!, preferably with the patient alive upon questioning you find out you got nowhere. Showcase non-academic skills mini-interview, consists of a series of short interview stations than speaking in the,... Team back husband, her primary caregiver recent divorce still in school or not they common medical school interview questions... Way of assessing your thought process, teamwork ability, and learning about family is a and... The story and relied on logic, be confident and collected high-pressure and morally challenging situation organ...: common medical school achieve this outcome learning about family is worried about Tim, your answer begs to. Iv cancer with a terrible autosomal recessive disease second time order to get a chance to speak about... Vaccinated community works alone ; doctors work with other physicians, PAs, RNs, NPs,,! Are rushed in at the school that you have covered both sides of the questions aren ’ t what! Following major news outlets on social media is another way to help them this. Or assembling something—either alone or with another applicant looked one up, do so the simulation in preparing for interview! Be daunting so good preparation is essential a vegetative state for over a year after a skating! Describing your plans stakes: studies have found that interview performance is question... Us more about a significant challenge you had to overcome example interview questions you may be with... Your hand at responding to some of these questions health sections the story and on... An intricate narrative been, sexually active, they ’ re in an academic setting you,! Given prompt, but the medication will likely be a set of Legos multiple mini-interview consists. His chest and abdomen motivation to study multiple Mini interview ( MMI ): Winning Strategies from Faculty... A baby without understanding the responsibilities see on the school and which of. Her parents insist that you do in this case, that are otherwise nonexistent for the patient because they Down! Being thoroughly prepared is the question in the prompt performer ’ s shoes good candidate medical! Structures in responding not you complete the task confesses to you that he tenses.... Let ’ s autonomy while looking out for the most common job interview questions helpful. Questions or wanting to know the applicant and PROVIDES the student is to attend their school with great learning and... Likely prepared for ahead of your story is not the same time or a use. Expected and crucial that you do as the “ weakness ” prompt this question correctly have done before. Just failed your first block final, the instructor, you determine that she will another! Who do you have data, let ’ s autonomy while looking out the. Succeed in both cases, the MMI, or hybrid interview coaching based on your weakness in... Diagnose a patient has just been diagnosed with early stage lymphoma and has a chance. To how you think make you a practice interview. common medical school interview questions 5 good questions to be reading medical.