The Awassi is a triple purpose breed of sheep used for it meat, wool and milk but primarily kept for it's milk. This blog is dedicated to the history, genetics and breeding of Awassi fat tail sheep. Awassi Sheep Wool Awassi Sheep’s wool is considered as low-density wool or carpet wool. Rare Breeds livestock of New Zealand. These sheep are well adapted to diverse environments and weather. 08/21/2017 . For the love of the Awassi . He is big even without wool 260 lb ease . It is a multi-purpose sheep breed and also known by some other names such as Ausi, Baladi, Deiri, Ivesi, Gezirieh, Nuami and Syrian. Karras Farm was the very first to sheep breeder to import the highly desireable Awassi … The average ewe has single lactions over 300 liters (650 pounds) per 210 day lactation and it is not uncommon for outstanding females to have 210 day lactations above 750 liters (1625 pounds). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The rams have large curled horns.