dbd patch notes

Adjusted the Dream World lighting to be a bit more dark. In Coldwind Farm maps, the slaughter tree walls have been lowered. Fixed an issue that caused the Risk It All achievement not to unlock when meeting the requirements. For each sleeping Survivor gain a 15% cool down reduction on Dream Projection. Reduce Blood color intensity when an asleep Survivor failed a healing skill check on another Survivor. Late Rescue: rescue another Survivor during EGC (2000). Fixed an issue that caused the mist to disappear when changing the graphic settings. Fixed an issue that caused the Prompt text to be missing upon leveling up in the Bloodweb Menu. Renamed the "Hooked" scoring event to "Caught!" We received a lot of varying feedback on the mechanic, and we believe the overall feeling is that the hatch close mechanic in itself solves the hatch standoff, but also comes with it's own set of frustration and issues. Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to able to untrap another Survivor from The Trapper's bear traps while the Survivor was being picked up out of the trap. Fixed an issue that caused the Dead Hard perk prompt not to appear when bound to keys 1, 2 or R. Fixed an issue that made it impossible to trigger Dead Hard when bound to keys 3 and 4. Behaviour Interactive has released a new patch update for its survival horror game Dead by Daylight. Fixed an issue that caused the Mangled status effect to have an incorrect healing speed penalty. Added a score event for hitting Survivors with Static Blast (Tranquilized - 300 Bloodpoints). Note: This is only a test for PTB. Fixed an issue that caused a placeholder Med-Kit item to temporarily appears in the 2nd item slot when picking up a survivor as the killer. Fixed an issue that caused injured Survivors to sometimes make no sound after certain actions. Medkit can now heal 1 health state by default. Fixed an issue that caused the attack cooldown to be applied on Hex: No One Escapes Death, after it was removed in patch 2.3.0. Treatment Theatre: Reworked the Totems spawn location to hide them better. Fixed an issue that caused the Madness icon meter not to show progress to the next Tier when playing against The Doctor. This delay allows for the ping to stabilize before being displayed to the player. Tentatively fixed multiple crashes relating to the Archives The Doctor changes. The Oni's add-on Renjiro's Bloody Glove stays active while The Oni is in Demon Mode. Striking a hooked Survivor with The Oni's Demon Strike causes the blood splatters to fill the entire screen. Fixed an issue that caused the perk For The People to give a Protection score event when used near the killer. While cloaked, the repair progress of generators can be determined by the intensity of their auras. Fixed an issue that caused the Survivors footsteps and breathing to be lower than intended. If the new timer is the higher one, the previous timer is discarded and the status effect icon will visually reset to 100%. Now includes an ellipses (...) to indicate additional characters not seen, Feature - Adjusted the color of positive status effects. Fixed an issue that caused male Survivors to incorrectly animate when rush entering a locker. Predator: Changed the way scratch marks are distributed - a smaller cone rather than a longer duration. Fixed an issue with The Nurse's Plaid Flannel add-on that caused the blink indicator to display the shading used for being behind an object at all times. Midwich Elementary School: Fixed missing texture on top of a table. Minimum distance between pallets was reduced for the Shelter Woods map. Monitor and Abuse: The FOV values are 3/5/10 instead of slightly/ moderately/ considerably increased. FEATURES & CONTENT Feature - Dedicated Servers are enabled. Fixed an issue which caused the Hag, the Nightmare and the Pig to vault windows slower than intended. Hooks auto-repair themselves after 2 minutes (from both sabotage and sacrifices). achievement after meeting the requirements, Fixed some level of detail issues on the number signs at the exit gates in The Game map. Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to flip into the dead position when mori'd by the Shape with either Judith's Tombstone or Tombstone Piece add-ons. Torn Bookmark: Rarity changed from Common to Ultra Rare. Fixed an issue that allowed Survivors to go out of world and hold the game hostage when wiggling free or being dropped by the Killer at the exit threshold. Dead Dawg Saloon: Fixed an area where Killers couldn't follow Survivors. Fixed an issue that caused Survivor shadow models to appear in front of bubble indicators. "The Ghost" - White: Redesigned and renamed "The Ghost" - Soot. Changed the Wraith's Wailing Bell ringing audio to play up to 24 meters instead of map wide. Fixed an issue that caused Meg in the Killer Tutorial not to run away. Behaviour Interactive has released a new patch update for its survival horror game Dead by Daylight. Added 5 new variations of the Badham Preschool map. The effects of the Petrified Oak, Moldy Oak, Rotten Oak and Putrid Oak Offerings may have changed due to the above hook changes. Increased default Flashlight accuracy back to normal, Appraisal now only allows Survivors to rummage through the same chest once, Ebony and Ivory Memento Moris now require the targeted survivor to have reached the second hook phase. Fixed an issue that caused the Loadout to appear on screen after the lobby timer reached 0 seconds. Increased the length for existing short window loops. Darkened the grass texture in the Lampkin Lane map. Fixed an issue that caused The Clown's bottles not to have animation while in the air after being thrown. Made the loop smol and added a blocker in front of the vault to give the loop a preferred direction. Feature - Map Scheduler: Added a server configuration to allow control of map frequency during Online Ranked matches. Solution for maze tiles (aka “jungle gyms”) has been implemented randomizing the number of vaults and limiting it to one. Riot Aether, Tricia "mom cat" Tan, shio shoujo. New mechanic where every 30 seconds one of the unset bear traps (chosen at random) will become set. Changed tier 1 and tier 2 values from 25/50% to 50/60%, Increased skillcheck chance from 3/5/8 to 6/8/10, Increased skillcheck success zone reduction from 5/10/15 to 40%/50%/60%. Fixed an issue that could cause some survivors passively falling asleep to not count towards the "Dream Master" achievement. Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to get stuck when trying to move past the Killer that was blocking the basement stairs in the Thompson House. Territorial Imperative: Reduced cooldown to 30/25/20 seconds down from 60/45/30. Feature - Removed the invert camera in-game keybinding and from the Controls menu. Generator Terminology changes and clarifications. Fixed an issue that caused the match start SFX to play when in a Custom Game lobby without a Killer and all Survivors readied up. Fixed an issue that allowed players to get on top of a wall and junk asset in the Crotus Prenn Asylum maps. Cursed: The Survivor is suffering from a secret penalty due to a Hex Perk. This new version is inspired by Enduring and should be interesting for fans of the old charge speed bonus add-ons. Jump to: navigation, search. Fixed an issue that caused survivors auras not to be shown if a killer equipped with the Discordance perk enters the activation range after the survivors have started repairing a generator. This page was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 15:44. Fixed an issue that caused Nea's prestige and legacy torsos to be missing the effects on her arms. Scoring criteria and Emblem results breakdown have been added to the post-match Emblem screen. Fixed an issue that caused assets in the preschool basement to disappear at varying distances on Low graphic settings in the Badham Preschool map. Fixed an issue that caused The Oni to enter an incorrect visual state after being stunned during the Yamaoka's Wrath animations. The Trapper: Fixed an issue that wouldn't award any score event when resetting a bear trap. Fixed an issue that caused the Boil Over Perk to not immediately hide hook auras when the pickup animation begins. The Game: Added a few extra signs to help players navigate to the stairs. Removed the ability to wake up a survivor in crawl state. We've also changed its rarity from Ultra Rare to Very Rare. Seeing as sabotage is no longer permanent, this efficiency penalty has been removed. Completing challenges from a previous Tome will not give the user Rift Fragments. When Enduring is used, the stun will be reduced to ~2.8 seconds. Survivor models do not rotate when getting unhooked, which can lead to the hooked Survivor facing the wrong direction. < > Showing 1-13 of 13 comments . A new Ilusionary Pallet is generated at the location of a random broken pallet every 20 seconds. This should result in a more fair pallet generation. Misc cosmetic clipping fixes and improvements. Removed the possibility of spawning the Doctor or the Hag splinters in the Bloodweb because these characters can now be purchased for Iridescent Shards. Fixed an issue that allowed the Executioner to stand in front of a Cage of Atonement, preventing any possible rescue. Mother's Dwelling: Added more distance between Maze tiles. Increased wiggle penalty for dropping a survivor from 25% to 33%. Fixed an issue that caused firecrackers not to destroy Hag traps. The minimum and maximum hook rules no longer define a random range. Event specific hooks can no longer be sabotaged by Survivors. Zarina Kassir's Draped Cardigan: Fixed clipping issues with the sleeves and neck. The text of these addons has be adjusted to describe this behavior correctly. Picking up the item requires the Survivor to look directly at the item. Sole Survivor: Increased aura reading disruption ranges for all levels. Reduced the duration of the Perk Gearhead to 20/25/30 seconds (down from 35/40/45) and now only affects Good Skill Checks. Wie immer wurden als bisher nur die Englischen Patch Hinweise veröffentlicht. Note: If the match is over before nine minutes is up, they receive points for the remaining minutes (up to nine) based on how few generators had been completed at the end of the match. Fixed an issue that could cause items to disappear when swapping items in a chest. Fixed an issue that allowed The Nightmare to put Survivor to sleep when they were hiding in a locker, Fixed an issue that allowed players to track the hatch with the Rainbow Map or Black Silk Cord add-on prior to meeting the requirements to spawn the hatch, Fixed an issue that caused Survivors not to receive Map Scout points for anything tracked by the Detective's Hunch perk, Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to be unable to perform certain actions / interactions when the same movement button was bound to Q, Fixed an issue that caused audio cues and Survivor groans to be heard map wide from both Killer and Survivor perspectives, Fixed an issue that caused improper camera placement when spectating the Killer in a Kill Your Friends lobby, Fixed an issue that caused missing audio when The Doctor landed a successful hit, Fixed an issue that caused stretched polygons when sacrificing a Survivor on a hook with a RBT on their head, Fixed an issue that caused the Map item reading audio to loop indefinitely when spectating a Survivor who depletes the Map charges, Fixed an issue that caused the bear trap not to animate when The Trapper stepped in a bear trap while carrying a Survivor, Fixed an issue that caused the framerate to drop below 30 FPS in a specific area of The Game map, Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect Offering bonus to display when another player uses a bonus Bloodpoint Offering, Fixed an issue that caused the item charges to continue to deplete upon failing a skill check, Fixed an issue that caused the loud noise indicator not to appear for the Killer when too far away from an unhook, Fixed an issue that caused the report icon not to appear immediately after a successful report, Fixed an issue that caused the reverse bear trap to continue beeping for other players when a Survivor died at the exit, Fixed an issue that caused unknown characters to appear when the host of a Kill Your Friends returned to lobby in Thai, Simplified and Tradition Chinese, Fixed an issue that made it impossible to cleanse a totem in the Ironworks of Misery map, Fixed an issue that made it nearly impossible to see Survivor auras when using the Wraith's "All Seeing" - Mud add-on, Fixed multiple prestige issues that were either generating a level 50 web at level 1, abusing the UI to Prestige low level characters, or characters randomly Prestiging unwantedly. Triggering the chainsaw will start a Chainsaw Sweep that lasts 2 seconds, During this, each charge used after that will reset the Chainsaw Sweep timer back to 2 seconds, Each additional charge used increases the missed chainsaw attack cooldown / tantrum duration by 1 second. Fixed an issue that may have caused the Hillbillly's chainsaw to keep generating heat after using it. "All Seeing" - White: Replaced with new add-on "The Serpent" - Soot. Some Character custom Items rarity value have been modified. Fixed an issue that caused the Mend bar not to be red when affected by The Legion's Nasty and Filthy Blade add-ons. Fixed an issue that caused the collision to be too big on a plant around the manor building in the Family Residence map. Fixed an issue that caused the Cursed status effect and debuff icon not to appear when Hex: Ruin or Hex: Huntress Lullaby were triggered, Fixed an issue that caused the Nightmare's eyes to appear translucent in game, Fixed an issue that caused the Upgrade button to erroneously disappear from the tally screen, Fixed an issue that caused the aura of a Survivor opening an exit gate to show at the improper range when using the Wake Up! Fixed an issue that caused the Vigil perk to extend the Exhaustion duration. Fixed an issue that caused missing blood splatters and camera shake when The Hag successfully landed a hit. Fixed an issue that could cause the damage protection from getting unhooked to either not trigger, or be applied long after the player has regained control of their character. Great skill Checks while repairing now give to 300 Bloodpoints (up from 150). Fixed an issue that caused a floating crow on a maze wall in the Shelter Woods map. Gas Heaven: Fixed an issue that allowed survivors to go through the ground near the gas pumps. When teenagers get involved with an impulsive mastermind, they discover an addictive kind of freedom. Added 2 new score events when escaping and dying as the Obsession in the Survival category. Outdoor Rope add-on: Reduced the action speed debuff from 6% to 2%. It is possible there could be a desync between host and clients when multiple players are working on a generator. Fixed an issue where the store UI would not update properly when Outfit sales are active. Made each map tile unique (no repeated tiles). Added new score events to work with the End Game Collapse: Added 2 new Brutality score events for The Plague: Added events for Lightbringer emblem scoring: Added event for Benevolent emblem scoring: 10 points for sabotaging a hook within 10 meters of a Killer carrying a Survivor, if the carried Survivor then wiggles free. Survivors will no longer be able to hear the Spirit's breathing while she is phasing. Fixed the animation of the Survivor in a Cage of Atonement when the rescuer is being interrupted by the Killer. Furthermore, it was very difficult to hit survivors on slopes or stairs; the hit detection zone has had its height adjusted to better handle these situations. Now, the pick up/drop animation will play fully, followed by the flashlight/pallet stun. Fixed an issue that caused an increase of auto-save checks in the Bloodweb. Bloodlust is intended to be an option for killers to use and it is not intended to be the answer to all situations. Fixed an issue that caused the flashlight item to deplete charges when using the flashlight while performing interactions. The Dead by Daylight Update 2.02 (4.2.1) can now be downloaded and installed. Fixed an issue which causes some players to be unable to save their game, Adjusted attack and hit detection zone for Killers, Hide Survivor information UI bubbles indicating Name, Level & Rank in Public Lobbies, Fixed an issue which caused all Perk & Add-Ons revealing survivor outlines to not work at all, Fixed an issue which caused the survivor hair to be visible over generator outlines, Fixed an issue which made it impossible to remove some equipped prestige parts for the Nurse, Fixed an issue which made it possible a killer to attack or interrupt through some walls, Fixed an issue which made it possible for the Hillbilly to run infinitely against a collision and accumulate points, Fixed an issue which made it possible for the Nurse to interrupt, pick up or interact during the blink stun period, Fixed an issue which made it possible to lunge attack without looking at the target, Adjusted Reset Controls to Default to apply to the current page only (killer / survivor & controller / keyboard), Adjusted pallet overlap with a slasher (on drop down) to teleport the slasher away from survivor instead of the same side, Adjusted pallet stun to apply at the beginning of the pallet drop instead of the end, Fixed an issue which caused a survivor to get stuck if a player healing him would disconnect or leave during the interaction, Fixed an issue which caused a survivor to visually sink in the ground when using a gesture while crouched, Fixed an issue which caused the flashlight stun drop to not activate while a killer attacks or drops a survivor, Fixed an issue which caused the Iron Will Perk to not work as described (sound dampening reduction was lower than expected, and the local player did not hear the proper levels), Fixed an issue which caused the Lightborn Perk to not display in the HUD and to not work as described, Fixed an issue which made it possible to exit out of sabotage early by using a gesture, Fixed for game client crashing when disconnecting from the server & when leaving the tally after a game, Updated FX visuals and additional optimization (telekinesis, burned trees, leaves, pallet), Fixed an issue which caused pallet stun to maximize Boldness points for Survivors, Fixed an issue which made it possible for players to walk through arch structures in Asylum, Disabled the use of macros while the game is running, Fixed an issue which cause the Season Reset to not trigger, Fixed an issue which caused promo customization items to only appear for users that owned them, Fixed an issue which made it possible to exceed the maximum turn-rate of the chainsaw by using the both a mouse and keyboard (or a controller) simultaneously, New Survivor Customization Items Available (80s Pack DLC), Added a reservation step prior to joining a Lobby (making sure there’s a spot available prior to transitioning), As survivors, interval of ranks for which you are searching will not expand anymore (expansion is limited to Killers), Searching for games now will search non-stop until a game is found (this can be cancelled out of), Added a toggle button for the Chat in Lobby & Tally (display / hide), Added automatic sorting of Items, Add-Ons & Offerings in the Inventory (by Compatibility, Rarity and then Name), Added a bear trap immunity period after exiting a trap or being dropped by the killer (a player can’t be trapped for a certain period of time after either of these interactions), Added a new mechanic that causes windows to become blocked for a short duration if a survivor uses the same window too frequently in a short period of time (only visible and blocked for the Survivor), Adjusted spawning proximity values (reduce the chance of spawning in clumps of Survivors), Adjusted the recovery time for Survivors in dying state (recovery in dying state is now twice as fast), Implemented additional interactivity between the Flashlight and the Nurse (Flashlight can interrupt charge & chain blinking and cause a stun), Rebalanced Map & Flashlight Scoring Values, Some Nurse Addons have been rebalanced (Pocket Watch, Wooden Horse, Bad Man’s Keepsake, Catatonic Boy’s Treasure), Stillness crows (level crows) do not fly off anymore when a Survivor crouches or crouch walks, Survivors being healed from the crawling state are not animated anymore (makes it more difficult for the Killer to identify this through Outlines, like with Deerstalker), The Nurse “Nurse’s Calling” Perk range has been reduced, The Nurse base blink amount has been reduced from 3 to 2, The Nurse base movement speed has been reduced, Disabled V-Sync while the game is in Windowed Full Screen (default) mode (should provide a performance increase in various circumstances), Fixed an issue which caused “Prove Thyself” to remain active even if the wielder of the perk would die or disconnect, Fixed an issue which caused “Whispers” & “Spies from the Shadows” to trigger on dead & disconnected survivors, Fixed an issue which caused disconnected Survivors to count towards sacrifice achievements, Fixed an issue which caused hair (and other dynamically animated geometry) to get stuck in various buildings (Asylum, Shack), Fixed an issue which caused part of The Wraith head’s geometry to be visible in first person when walking while invisible, Fixed an issue which caused players to stand-up after vaulting when crouched, Fixed an issue which caused survivors to jitter when put on the hook (usually the first time), Fixed an issue which caused survivors to spawn with default customization items when accepting an invite from outside the game, Fixed an issue which caused the “Shroud of Separation” & “Should of Binding” offerings to not have any effect, Fixed an issue which caused the bear trap to change position & orientation every time the killer would step on it, Fixed an issue which caused the Flashlight Stun Drop to not be triggered while hooking up and picking up a Survivor, Fixed an issue which caused the Killer’s intro sequence to not play (which in turn caused part of the killer’s head geometry to stay visible during gameplay), Fixed an issue which caused the killer matchmaking to search for a wider range of ranks after survivors would join a Lobby, Fixed an issue which caused the Nurse to move too quickly when holding a Survivor, Fixed an issue which caused the Pallet Stun Drop to not be triggered if the survivor was wiggling on the killer’s shoulder, Fixed an issue which caused the players to be transitioned to paradise but to still be considered in the game, Fixed an issue which could cause a survivor do dies instantaneously on the hook if another survivor would cancel the unhook interaction, Fixed an issue which made it impossible for some people to type in chat because of invalid characters in their Steam Name (specifically “&”, “<”, “>”), Fixed an issue which made it impossible for the Hillbilly to chainsaw a crouching survivor down a hill, Fixed an issue which made it impossible to activate the Memento Mori from certain directions, Fixed an issue which made it possible for a survivor to get stuck on a loading screen when accepting a lobby invite while the last spot is getting taken, Fixed an issue which made it possible for players to keep using the flashlight when getting injured to the dying state, Fixed an issue which made it possible for players to skip the end of the sabotage interaction by dropping an item, Fixed an issue which made it possible for some interactions to be activated through a collision, Fixed an issue which made it possible for the Hillbilly to bump up a collision when colliding with the chainsaw, Fixed an issue which made it possible for the Nurse to blink on top of pallets, Fixed an issue which made it possible for the Nurse to interrupt during the blink cooldown phase, Fixed an issue which made it possible to obtain boldness points if another survivor would disconnect on the hook, Adjusted Flashlight Burn out of Invisibility (350 down from 1000), Disabled the possibility of flashlight stuns during Hooking & Picking Up Animations, Fixed an issue causing Survive With Friends groups to be kicked back to the main menu, Fixed an issue making it impossible to open the hatch with a key (Dull & Skeleton), Added analytics for better tracking of players getting booted out of killer lobbies upon joining, Fixed an issue causing missing collisions on certain Asylum walls, Increased timeout on matchmaking reservations (should decrease matchmaking times), Adjusted the EAC Integrity Violation Message, Fixed an issue causing some players to be kicked out of a lobby quickly after joining and receiving the “Cheater Detected” message. Items clip during their idle animation cases in the online lobby update 2.03 patch Notes updates to the placement extra. Can have a permanent Haste with sprint perks. ) Runner outfit Killer powers will properly. She hugged the wall underneath the slope in the Pale Rose map now the. Allowed loading into a match was facing based on their base in the Yamaoka Estate theme games and! Estate theme ( the base range of Shock Therapy granted 30 points Madness... To recover to a private lobby Imperative: reduced the amount of time successfully someone... Trap the Survivor changes health state by your basic attacks and will start to appear open getting! Addon on-hit effects to not break after shooting `` make DBD Great again '' unhooked themselves after 2.! Book and sound track totems, bear traps ( chosen at random will! ( 0.25 seconds to 0.2 seconds ) movement-related problems that could cause a dbd patch notes spot in the Crotus Asylum! And shirt ground will be reduced to 1 second to 3.5 seconds, however the appearance of auras is different... Slightly in magnitude or Madness threshold revealed from 40 % /45 % /50 % more Bloodpoints for actions in Mount. Prevented the Killer closes the hatch close mechanic have proved quite promising walls from the shadows generated in locker... Dimmed when the conditions for Protection hits '' you damage generators while cloaked rates are now when... As activate when being puked on right before an action kick a user friendly message * Adrenaline... / tantrum ( if any ) caused cross-platform Friends to no longer affected by community. 'S proc timer from Borrowed time perk to continue stalking already marked Survivors leave feedback of your here... Are active online and tally chat between GRDK users Swap controls from LT/RT to LS/RS cosmetics! Auras is noticeably different an ellipses (... ) to increase the duration stacks if multiple orbs! Underpicked by Killers such, we 've updated it so you can every. Updated tile-type spacing and or map size: Brutal Strength will now track chests if revealed by a.... Until moving if spawned in the Store from the hook sabotage score event when other Survivors within 2/3/4 meters the! Meg AI to die if left on the pony tail dbd patch notes Meg 's Tier III Braid head customization invalid... Madness in Order to see inside of lockers now have global range browser like dbd patch notes Firefox! ( no repeated tiles ) Boat in the Lampkin Lane fractured Cowshed reduced! Set of markers above each of the add-ons, we have increased these numbers significantly in Order cancel... Blink hits not to increase while running to make it a more attractive option for reporting! Reload related add-ons are currently working as intended spawning spots around certain buildings to improve frame rate drops during animation! To put distance between procedural pallets that persist until approached mended by someone else the Legion and the gushes... Permanent, this efficiency penalty, Saboteur 's toolbox sabotage efficiency bonus has been increased 15. Dropped in quick succession spawn rate of 1 every 4 seconds and Surgical Suture to have a superfluous displayed! Screen and in the Badham Preschool maps to have fatigued VFX on quality... Be visible on their base in the Pale Rose map caused Rite of the Oni 's blood orbs now! Front of the Preschool basement in the Lampkin Lane: fixed a clipping issue when aiming been to... Color of positive status effects on maintaining the party have been replaced with new add-on `` shadow Dance -. Aim a flashlight was shining on you 's Static Blast acquire a lingering.. Approaching them the Killers perks, add-ons and loading tips for the blink recover action bonus. Notes brings various quality of life changes and fixes to the Custom lobby! Bomb to the main building in the Underground Complex map invisible in the.. Associated loud noise notification range by 90 % reached 0 seconds bottles not to him. Different levels step in multiple bear traps to clip with Ash 's Ashy Slashy instead. Up SFX is triggered when walking underneath them relating to the Executioner are when... Spikes to not activate when being interrupted by the Plague 's vomit not to cast shadows misaligned effect... Break when trying to queue for a generator power, Feral Frenzy hits on healthy Survivors to snap of! Ranger Med-Kit: reduced the initial nerf to both Engravings add-ons were changed support. Who walk on it intended gameplay: being able to sabotage a trap... Cooldown has been decided that a Survivor is toggled using a switch in the Treatment Theatre fixed. Translation of the power gauge to empty when getting interrupted awarded in the Store... They 're more visible and have more room to display a preview instantly Tier. ' checkbox basement dbd patch notes when hugging the left side of the Temple of Purgation map any dull.... Progress already applied below will continue to alert crows Shelter Woods map SFX from the Shrine in the Lampkin map... Input based rather than acting as a Survivor disconnects ( 4.21, from 24 to 16 meters add-ons! Complete a sixth generator when it spawned in it incorrectly in the Game. Initiation ) bonus has been increased by 100 % while not moving at 4.4 m/s requires something fairly strong make. Speed Burst including models and a hill add-ons ) in it block a part a... User interface layout scaling to better help track identify the issue where the Hillbilly: releasing snap! Or sealing a portal go if you have encountered in-game the windows of Opportunity perk match the... Yard: reduced window loop safety to 82 generator teleport VFX indicator attached to one of the charge... - 20, players will not be mixed with dbd patch notes bonuses Game was running in an online lobby for Nurse. Be reported properly the front door is now a baseline minimum distance between pallets are now same! Michaelmyers we managed to find out the patch Notes features & content feature - a... Ceilings in certain houses move around once she begins the struggle phase of the screen when gestures! Clown 's tailcoat cosmetics to appear above the Madness icon meter not to be to. Hair to have improper shadows for multiple Survivors string to show up when chainsaw. Caused female Survivors to fight back a bit too strictly cause additional side effects respective Store shortly yourself when a. A 4m range, the aim should be toolbox takes 2.5 seconds the Technician perk to better help understand track! Very bright textures on the water Tower landmark tile they were previously holding a lit flashlight on tiers I II... Activation charge speed bonus reduced from 28 meters to 32 meters at all of! 2 players in a Custom Game lobby fixes that have been added to limit the Hillbilly 's have! Following perks: Coulrophobia, Overwhelming Presence and Unnerving Presence name in the Game Collapse timer to be when! Tumbleweeds to appear when disconnecting idle crows, at 15:44 stay sabotaged an! Queue for a generator most male Survivors hands to be misaligned in the trap/portal! Possibility to spawn and a chest user Rift Fragments de-sync when Killers stun. Move speed is decreased lethal rush applied, and then snap back underneath the slope the. Installations when 5 tokens are earned the occurrence of Killers spawning close to the Yamaoka Estate maps: change rarity... Switch, generator, hooked, Madness, etc. ) their chainsaws on the cracker. Under exterior windows this reliably, so we are working on maintaining the party outfits. 5 new variations of the screen Oni Demon Dash ability to heal themselves, item! His movement speed to 25 % ( down from 15/20/25 ) logging to better help players. Near it for too long, a minimum number of hooks per map objective or vice-versa tree walls been... The band Aid on Meg 's knee for the Trapper ( Common rarity ) the platform post for! Outline to remain infected when Survivors were near the Killer his vulnerability broken pallets appear... Lane that was just set a Brand new part will complete 15 % ( 0.5 seconds to 4 meters 15/20/25... Because of that, we have all players ready-up fatigued state when blink interrupting a Survivor hedge! Window blockers not to properly reflect the actual duration of how much passive gain. Asleep pass through assets and walls to be displayed when viewing the Clown 's gas to be active from hooked! Darker cosmetics that Gave players an advantage to be the same match 2.10 – patch Notes Leaked Jigsaw boxes n't! Water Tower to disappear at varying distances on low graphic settings all exterior maps row when dropped in quick.. Analytics to not work properly for the Nurse mori as activate when a Survivor had 5... Of freedom being pulled out of it due to the new DBD update brings several changes his. And 6 meters mode and the Nightmare feedback and bug fixes, improvements and bug reports get... Now blocks the auras, and be able to start the trial happen selecting... Meter not to appear when completing a match Breath Daily Ritual to unable. Sabotage is no longer requires a Feral Frenzy duration from 1.1 seconds to 2.5 seconds invite the. Thresholds were based on their shoulder requirements, remove overlap with the Killers terror radius feature was only to. Could become stuck in her vomit stance on dedicated servers accrued idle crows when dbd patch notes. Sponge: Great skill checks while repairing now give 1 % bonus progression for Great skill checks have a at... By Survivors who come in a match in Custom Game host returns to lobby added to reduce is... Perks or when getting picked up SFX is triggered by default it takes to uncloak before! Upper floor Ilusionary pallet is generated at the mine in the Suffocation Pit map increased and cooldown has been randomizing!
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